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Soy - the magic bean

Soybean is economically the most important bean in the world since it provides vegetable protein for millions of people and ingredients for hundreds of chemical products. 



priyanshu mishra
2 weeks ago
Tofu is very soft and soy coffee is awesome. I loved soy coffee. Soy nuts is a healthy and tasty alternative with evening tea. I like all three product very much
Sandeep Gupta
4 weeks ago
Product is very good while you need to munch some snacks with less calories as it is roasted. Perfect blend of masalas to enhance the taste.



An excellent & easy replacement for Paneer and can be used in all kinds of recipes. One of the best sources of clean protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, it is very low in carbs and contains Zero Cholesterol, making it a perfect addition to one’s meals.

Roasted Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are a crunchy snack made from mature soybeans that have been soaked in water, drained, and baked or roasted. No cholesterol and low in saturated fat. Good source of protein. Good source of polyunsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol.

Soy Coffee

Soya Coffee is Made from soy beans and herbs. It is totally organic, Highly nourishing and caffeine-free. This is an ideal alternative to regular coffee. It is richly satisfying, great tasting brew better than coffee. It promotes younger looking skin because of the “isoflavones” a beneficial substance in soy.

we are

M/S- Meal Magic Food is focused on two activities, Processing and Trading of ORGANIC, Gluten Free and NON-GMO Agricultural product- Soya Tofu, Soy Coffee and Roasted Soy nuts. 

Established in 2021 we have amassed a phenomenal insight into the processing of agricultural produce. Our team headed by our qualified Managers ensure the crops are grown and harvested as per the norms stipulated by India . As a result, we have succeeded in winning faith, trust and confidence of our domestic buyers and clients.

Health Benefits

Soybean seeds contain 17% oil and 63% meal, 50% of which is protein. Soybeans are also rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, which are associated with various health benefits. Soybean does not contain starch, which makes it a good source of protein for diabetics.

How we are different from others

Our soy products are free from Trypsin inhibitor. Our Products are proper processed . Our Company is minimized the bitterness and beany flavor in soy products. The Company Follow the good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Each of our processing plant is quality certified and products are processed and packed on state of the art machinery to ensure hygiene,consistency in world class quality.

The Commodities we trade are cleaned mechanically and by hand picking selection (HPS) as well. Meal Magic Food Products is certified with standards of   Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Affiliation / Support

in the making

We manufacture a high-quality range of Soybean products.The effective design and technology OF soya plants ensure that soya bean of different sizes and quantity can be processed effectively.

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